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What Your Child's Handwriting Can Tell You

Last updated 3 years ago

Learning how to write is extremely important for every child, as it teaches fine motor skills, coordination, and critical thinking skills at a young age. It helps them understand how to communicate, and it reinforces skills in both reading and spelling. Because each child learns how to write letters correctly and position them to form words at his or her own pace, handwriting can also be an indicator of learning disabilities or developmental delays. Read on to learn more about what your child’s handwriting may be able to tell you about your child’s development.

In many cases, children who are having difficulty learning to write suffer from one or more of the following symptoms: 

  • Trouble holding the pencil or using a very awkward pencil grip while writing
  • Difficulty forming letters or leaving uneven spacing between letters
  • Frequently misspelling words or placing words incorrectly on the page
  • Spending a long time writing with difficulty or avoiding the activity altogether

Any one of these symptoms can be a sign that a child may need additional help learning how to write. Dysgraphia, for example, is a neurological problem that results in frequent misspellings or difficulties forming letters but does not harm reading ability. Certain visual problems can lead to unequal spacing between words, and memory problems can prevent a child from remembering the grammar and punctuation rules that they learn while in class. Attention deficit disorders, such as ADHD, can affect a child’s ability to focus on tasks and complete a writing assignment. 

If your child has exhibited any of the above signs or appears to be having difficulty learning to write, you may consider seeking the help of your pediatrician. At Sunrise Children’s Hospital, our pediatric specialists can help you to form a personalized treatment plan to promote your child’s future health and success. Call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line today at (702) 731-5437 to find a doctor near you.


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