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Tips for Getting Your Little One Down for Bedtime

Last updated 2 years ago

As many new parents quickly realize, it can be difficult getting your baby to sleep. Though each newborn will respond positively to certain nighttime rituals and poorly to others, the following guidelines have been proven effective in helping parents successfully lay down their baby for the night. Also, be sure to contact the pediatric specialists at Sunrise Children’s Hospital for additional tips regarding how to get your little one ready for bed.

Increase nighttime feedings.

Pediatric specialists often recommend that parents increase their feedings in the evenings to help induce their newborns into a sleepy state of mind. Most babies receive feedings about every three hours during the day; decrease this interval to two hours at night. With a full stomach, your little one can settle down more quickly.

Regulate room temperature.

As adults do, babies sleep better when the room temperature is slightly cooler. For optimal sleeping conditions, keep your baby’s room between 65 and 70 degrees at night. If you can’t directly control the temperature in your baby’s room, keep a window slightly open or bring a fan into the room. However, be sure to keep your newborn out of the direct air path of either device.

Introduce noise.

To increase your baby’s chances of falling asleep quickly, don’t keep her room completely silent. When your newborn was still in the womb, she was exposed to a great deal of noise, so try incorporating rhythmic sounds into her bedtime schedule. You can use a white noise machine or put on a nature sounds CD.

Use the burrito wrap.

Newborns have little control over their body movements and are prone to waking themselves up with sudden reflexes. To eliminate this potential sleeping problem, bundle your baby before bed. Swaddling your newborn not only prevents them from waking themselves up with violent jerking motions, but also promotes a calming effect that will help them sleep.

Sunrise Children’s Hospital offers expert pediatric care to families in the greater Las Vegas area. To learn more about our services, including our Mother & Baby services, please call (702) 731-5437.



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