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    An Overview of Brain Injuries in Children

    Last updated 4 months ago

    Young children and adolescents are at a particularly high risk of suffering from brain injuries. Each year, thousands of youngsters visit a children’s emergency care department because of brain injuries due to auto accidents, falls, and physical abuse. Brain injuries are also commonly caused by sports incidents, such as a tackle during a game of football. Sometimes, brain injuries are severe enough to require a stay in the children’s hospital. In other cases, they can be fatal.

    Parents who recognize the indicators of a brain injury should take their child to an emergency care center right away. These signs can include memory loss, headaches, impaired concentration, and mood swings. Brain injuries can lead to fatigue, muscle spasticity, balance problems, restlessness, and problems controlling emotions. Additionally, since a child’s brain is still developing, the full range of complications from a brain injury may not be evident until months or years later, as the child grows older.

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital has the largest children’s emergency care center in the Las Vegas area. If you would like more information about our Pediatric Emergency Room, please call our Consult-A-Nurse line at (702) 731-5437.

    Poison Prevention Tips for Your Household

    Last updated 4 months ago

    In the U.S., several hundred children are rushed to the children’s emergency care center each day as a result of accidental poisonings, which can sometimes be fatal. While home is supposed to be a sanctuary, most households are filled with toxic products. Everyday items such as household cleaners and even personal care products can pose a danger for children. It’s a good idea for parents to walk through their homes to identify potential hazards and to take steps to keep these items out of a child’s grasp. If a child does suffer an accidental poisoning, a children’s emergency care center can provide prompt treatment.

    Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

    Carbon monoxide is a particularly dangerous substance because it is odorless and colorless. In fact, it’s virtually undetectable except in buildings that feature carbon monoxide detectors. Pediatric specialists urge parents to invest in carbon monoxide detectors for each level of their home. Combination smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detectors are also available. It’s important to test and replace the batteries regularly. Having fireplaces, furnaces, wood-burning stoves, and other appliances serviced regularly can reduce the risk of a carbon monoxide leak.

    Keep Medicines Locked Away

    Every day, children inadvertently ingest cold medicine, pain killers, and other medications. Even if parents place medications on a high shelf in the medicine cabinet, children may still access them by climbing on the counter or toilet. It’s best to place all medications, including over-the-counter drugs and supplements, in a locked area. Parents who keep medications in their briefcases or purses should make sure their kids do not have access to these items.

    Place Toxic Products Out of Reach

    There is a wide range of toxic household products that should be placed out of the reach of children. These include cleaning products, pesticides, bleach, dishwashing liquids, and laundry detergent.

    Families in the Las Vegas area who require emergency care for their children can turn to Sunrise Children’s Hospital. Our pediatric specialists provide exceptional emergency care, with the goal of making our young patients as comfortable as possible. If your child is experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911; otherwise, you can reach our children’s hospital at (702) 731-5437.

    Celebrating Child Life Month

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Some children’s hospitals may have child life specialists on their staff. These professionals help children navigate medical challenges and develop coping strategies. In honor of the importance of supporting a child’s emotional wellness, the Child Life Council has designated March as Child Life Month. During Child Life Month, parents and healthcare providers at community hospitals around the country are encouraged to celebrate the work these specialists do through educational initiatives and other projects.

    Promoting Child Life Awareness Through Arts and Crafts

    Healthcare providers and parents can guide children through arts and crafts activities that promote awareness of what child life specialists do. For example, children might visit the cafeteria of a community hospital to decorate paper placemats. Ideally, the placemats should have simple statements printed on them that explain the child life specialty. Children may also enjoy using fabric paints to create a Child Life Month T-shirt. Community hospitals can host poster displays that children create, which depict how child life specialists have helped them. Hospital staff can also create their own displays using photographs of child life specialists as they work with children. These displays might include informative posters with details about the hospital’s child life department.

    Planning Child Life Educational Initiatives

    Parents who visit community hospitals are often unaware of what child life specialists can do for their youngsters. Hosting informative events for both parents and fellow healthcare providers is a wonderful way to celebrate Child Life Month. Child life specialists might conduct a brown bag lunch seminar for families, colleagues, or nursing students to discuss their work and how healthcare providers can support children.

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital understands how difficult it can be for children to cope with hospitalizations, illnesses, and treatments. Our children’s hospital is pleased to offer Las Vegas families the services of our Child Life Department. You can explore our child life services on our website or call our children’s hospital at (702) 731-5437 with any questions you may have.

    Tips for Selecting the Right Pediatrician

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Parents are often encouraged to select a pediatrician before their child is born. This enables the pediatrician to examine the child shortly after birth and to spare the parents the task of finding a pediatrician during the busy days following birth. Many parents rely on recommendations from friends and family members, while others may prefer to select a pediatrician who is associated with a major children’s hospital. Regardless, parents can have the opportunity to interview the pediatrician.

    During the interview, parents can learn more about the pediatrician’s background and training, and ask any questions they may have. It’s a good idea for parents to bring a list of questions that are important to them and relevant to their situation. For example, it may be especially important for one parent to select a pediatrician who is supportive of bottle feeding, while another parent may prefer a pediatrician who is accepting of attachment parenting. Parents should also ask practical questions, such as those involving what the office hours are, what to do in the event of an after-hours emergency, and how quickly appointments can be made.

    The Pediatric Unit at Sunrise Children’s Hospital features specially trained pediatricians who have extensive knowledge regarding the developmental, medical, and emotional needs of youngsters. Las Vegas parents can call (702) 731-5437 to reach a registered nurse at our children’s hospital.

    Why Heart Health Matters for Kids Too

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Heart health is commonly thought of as a concern that belongs to older adults, when in fact, leading a heart-healthy lifestyle is critical at every age. Pediatricians recommend helping children establish healthy habits as early as possible to lower the risk of heart disease later in life. These healthy habits include being physically active every day, limiting sugar intake, and eating a wide variety of vegetables and fruits.

    As you’ll learn by watching this video, the American Heart Association and the American Stroke Association have teamed up for their “Life is Why” campaign, which promotes healthy living for families. Through advocacy initiatives and public awareness campaigns, these organizations are promoting the idea that health allows kids to live life to the fullest.

    In addition to our children’s emergency care, Sunrise Children’s Hospital provides Las Vegas families with a state-of-the-art Heart Care Program, which includes advanced pediatric heart care services not available anywhere else in the state. You can speak with a registered nurse at our children’s hospital by calling (702) 731-5437.

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