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    Why Obesity Needs to Be Managed in Childhood

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Obesity has become a problem around the globe, and it remains a significant problem for the health of American children. Because obesity is such a prevalent health problem as a leading cause of fatal diseases across the globe, it is important to approach the problem of obesity beginning with children. This video explores some of the causes of obesity along with systems-based solutions that might offer hope. Children struggling with obesity might have lower self-esteem and experience more health problems in adolescence. By providing more opportunities for kids to exercise and promoting family meals at home, obesity may be reduced in children to create a brighter future for this generation.

    At Sunrise Children’s Hospital, we offer classes and community resources that can allow you to more effectively tackle health issues like obesity in your household. You can learn more about us on our website or call us directly at (702) 731-5437. 

    Tips for Creating the Right Birth Plan

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Your birth plan is highly personal, and it should be unique to your specific wants and needs. As you begin to think about where to deliver your baby, you will want to create a birth plan that will create positive memories and a great beginning to your child’s life. To design the birth plan that is best for you and your family, follow these guidelines from Sunrise Children’s Hospital.

    Visualize Your Ideal Birth Setting  

    Not only will you want to think about the environment where you want to give birth—a hospital, home, or birth center—you will want to envision who you want present at the birth in terms of siblings and other family members. Is there a certain position in which you want to give birth? Are there specific songs or images you’d like to focus on during birth? These questions can help you include more details in your birth plan and minimize your stress during labor.

    Consider Measures for Comfort

    Some women choose to use pain medication or epidurals for birth while others prefer a natural birth. Both can have their risks and benefits, so think about which you prefer and discuss this choice with your obstetrician. You might also consider comforts like measures for hydration or mobility that can also help you stay relaxed and positive.

    Know Your Backup Options

    Flexibility is important on the day of delivery, because there are factors you cannot account for that may arise during labor. You will want to think about backup options in situations such as cesarean birth so that you can still remain comfortable as changes come up.

    To begin planning your delivery at Sunrise Children’s Hospital, visit our website or call (702) 731-5437 to schedule a tour of our birthing unit. Our Maternal Infant Unit has 42 private mother baby rooms where you can begin to bond as a new family. 

    What Should Expecting Moms Eat to Prevent Birth Defects?

    Last updated 5 months ago

    A mom’s diet greatly influences her child’s health during gestation, since the right foods can ensure proper growth of the baby and prevent serious birth defects. Folic acid is a staple nutrient for a prenatal diet, since it encourages immune health and new cell development. This article will take a look at some of the foods richest in folic acid that can offer other valuable nutrients for mom and her developing baby.

    Dark leafy greens

    Foods like spinach, chard, and kale are all high in folic acid along with vitamin A and calcium. Cooked greens are easiest to digest and offer the highest concentration of nutrients per serving, so you might toss your favorite green into pasta, soups, or scrambled eggs.

    Beans and lentils

    Lean sources of protein are ideal during pregnancy, so you might consider swapping out some servings of meat for vegetarian protein sources like beans, nuts, and lentils. These foods are all natural sources of folic acid and they will help add plenty of fiber and protein to your diet.

    Whole grains and cereal

    Breads and cereals are enriched with folic acid, which makes them excellent choices to eat during pregnancy. You should select whole grain or multigrain varieties to get the most fiber and other nutrients out of each serving.

    Alcohol-free beverages

    As you consume healthier foods, you will want to avoid alcohol completely and choose beverages that encourage hydration—particularly plain water. There is no known safe quantity of alcohol during pregnancy, so even just one drink is not advisable.

    Sunrise Children’s Hospital can help you make the best dietary decisions during your pregnancy as you receive prenatal care at our Las Vegas birthing center. You can explore our services for mothers and babies on our website or call our Consult-A-Nurse healthcare referral line at (702) 731-5437. 

    Where Does Your Baby Go After Delivery?

    Last updated 5 months ago

    For a short time just after your baby is born, you will be separated as your baby has screening tests and is cleaned and wrapped in a warm blanket. Healthy babies are returned to their parents shortly, but babies with difficulty breathing or signs of defects may need to be transferred to the NICU for specialized care.

    Once you are reunited with your baby, you will be transferred to a Maternal Infant Unit where you will have private accommodations with an attentive staff so that you can strengthen your bond with your new baby. Breastfeeding and discharge classes are offered to patients in this unit to ensure a positive transition home.

    To schedule a tour of the maternity unit at Sunrise Children’s Hospital in Las Vegas, visit our website or call us at (702) 731-5437. Our Sunny Babies program can allow you to find an obstetrician, register for free classes, and pre-register for delivery at one of the Sunrise Health Hospitals in our southern Nevada network. 

    When is a Skin Rash Considered a Medical Emergency?

    Last updated 5 months ago

    Kids tend to have fairly sensitive skin, and they may get skin rashes more often than adults. Most often, rashes are minor conditions such as eczema, which tends to clear up on its own with some at home remedies. However, some skin rashes can be medical emergencies, so you will want to be able to identify symptoms that indicate a more serious condition. Here’s a look at when you should head to the ER to treat a skin rash instead of waiting for an appointment with the pediatrician.

    Rash Caused by Allergies

    If a rash shows up after contact with a new food or substance, it is probably an allergic reaction. When symptoms like trouble breathing, itchy throat, or stomach upset are also present, the reaction may be fairly severe, so emergency care is needed.

    Joint Pain or Tenderness with a Rash

    A minor rash may cause pain or discomfort on the surface of the skin, but pain that penetrates to the joints can be a much bigger problem. If your child is having difficulty moving normally or has inflammation in the joints, you will not want to hesitate to seek care.

    Rash Present inside the Mouth

    When your child has a rash that covers surfaces inside the mouth, it may cause the skin to peel or lead to blistering. These lesions can very easily become infected, resulting in even more serious concerns.

    Fever and Headache Accompanying a Rash

    A fever or headache with a rash may not always be a medical emergency, but if the fever persists after using medication or the fever is very high, you will want to consult a doctor immediately.

    With the kid-friendly ER at Sunrise Children’s Hospital, you will always have a reliable resource for pediatric emergency care in Las Vegas. Connect with us for a look at wait times and other hospital services on our website or at (702) 731-5437. 

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